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Welcome to Escaparía

For the Perfect Boat Trips and Charters!

**opening again in April for the 2020 season!**

Escape with an exciting boat experience in the ría of Pontevedra, or the Atlantic ocean

and experience the beauty of the Galician coast from Portonovo, Sanxenxo



for small groups on personalised tours, or private hire of the RIB for half/full day

What do we do?

It's all about the journey

We offer an exciting boat trip for you and your group - around the Ria of Pontevedra, or out into the Atlantic, to see the sights, the nature (maybe some dolphins if you are lucky!), and if you like we can take you to the Island of Ons or Cies. Or take a sea fishing trip with your friends. Pick from the options below or simply choose to hire the RIB for yourselves for a whole day.


We usually need at least four people to take the boat out, but if you fewer than 4, please contact us and we will see if we can get you on a tour with another group. Or you can opt to pay a small surcharge per head

Choose your Adventure

Escape and discover Sanxenxo and its neighbours on the coast of Galicia with our Best Galicia Boat Tours 225HP RIB



Choose an adventure in the calmness of the Ria of Pontevedra, or in the Atlantic on your way to the island of

Ons...select from a range of options or just hire the RIB for yourselves - you decide!

Fishing trips

Would you like to go sea fishing?

If you are a complete beginner, no problem. We will show you how to get started. We have enough equipment for groups of up to 6.

If you already have experience, and your own gear,we will take you to some local fishing spots for a whole morning or afternoon..

Half day: 65€ (4.5 hours. Min of 4. If 2-3, 75€ pp) inc. bait, equipment, boat, skipper & permits

RIB ride in the ria; see the sights and nature from the sea

Would you like to escape into the sea to see this beautiful part of Galicia from a different perspective? 

Then come with us and we'll go for one of the Best Boat Trips in Portonovo around the ria, enjoying the sights and nature as well as the local fishing villages, such as Combarro, from the sea.

You will see the little islands of Tambo and San Clemente en route, as well as taking in the views of the various beaches, and the mussel beds where the local seafood is grown.

We leave from the port of Portonovo (we can also pick you up from Sanxenxo if required) and we work our way around the ria, by Raxo, Combarro, Marin, Tambo, Aguete and San Clemente.

And, whilst we can't guarantee it (of course), you might be lucky and see the dolphins that inhabit the area, and if not, certainly the Cormorans, for the bird watchers among you.

*If you prefer, pay 5 extra per person and choose the Ria of Aldan, a more undiscovered stretch, where you can explore the beautiful coves and, if you like, take a dip in the crystal clear waters.

Duration: About 1.5 hours including embarking and disembarking

Adults: 25 €*

*4 people minimum - if there are only two of you, you can opt to either pay a surcharge of 10€ per head and have the boat to yourselves, or contact us to see if we can get you onto a tour with another group

Guided tour of the stunning island of Ons

with a ride in the RIB of 1 hour

*Regular trips on Wednesdays but if you have a group we can try to arrange an additional tour. Contact us for details *

The national park of the Atlantic islands consists of Cies, Ons, Salvora and Cortegada. One of the wonders of the north-west Spanish coast, we are lucky enough to live next door to them. 

We offer a ride around the ria of Pontevedra taking in its sights and nature as well as two small islands, ahead of venturing out of the mouth of the ria and into the atlantic and culminating in a guided tour plus 2 hours to spare on the nearby paradisic island of Ons.

We leave from Portonovo (with the option of being picked up from Sanxenxo) and we take you on a great trip around the ria to see its sights; the mussel beds, the islands, the lovely beaches and fishing villages, as well as looking out for the possibility of seeing a few dolphins and cormorans (we can't promise on the dolphins but there are quite a few.

We will stop to take in the views (and get a few photos of course) before heading over to the paradise that is Ons, where you will disembark with a professional tour guide who will show you the sights and talk about the history and nature of the island. You then have 2 hours (pick up time can be agreed, but is subject to availability) to enjoy the escape of the desert island beach and visit the historic - but working - lighthouse, and of course try the fantastic fresh seafood - you should try the Octopus! 

You can get a quicker taxi ride to Ons by boat, but we're not about getting there quickly, we're all about enjoying the views from the sea, and the ride on the way there. And this way, you will be enjoying an experience in a boat, not just getting rom A to B.

Of course, we can only take this trip in favourable weather

Adults: 30€*

Minimum of 4 people required. If you are fewer than this, please contact us to see if we can get you on a trip with another group

*sorry, we cannot take kids of less than 6 years for insurance purposes

Visit the beautiful historic village of Combarro

We escape into the ria of Pontevedra, where we will explore the coast, its white sandy beaches, and its nature (we might even see some dolphins), as well as the island of Tambo and the mussel beds, ahead of dropping you off at the amazing village of Combarro (literally meaning, 'with mud') which has been named one of Spain's most beautiful villages.


This village is hidden away in the corner of the ria, and  has fascinating architecture from the 1700s. It is most noted for its coast lined with 'horreos' (or 'piornos' in Galician) which are stone-built buildings for storage of grain and vegetables, specific to Galicia.

The beautiful village has narrow streets lined with tiny ancient mariners' houses, now of course many of which are also occupied by cafes, bars and restaurants (where you can dine in style!).

There are also iconic crosses that hark back to the 18th century, a history of witchcraft, and even theories that here was born Christopher Columbus.

We will leave you in the village for 1 hour, after which we will complete our tour around the ria in the boat.

Duration: 3 hours

Price per person 30€*

*minimum of 4 people. If your group is smaller, you can either opt to pay a surcharge of 10€ per head, or contact us to see if we can get you on board with another group

Hire us

with Skipper - just 200€ per day

plus fuel

If you want to take off for a whole day, you can hire the RIB with the skipper for an 8 hour period.

The boat has an Evinrude 225HO 2 stroke outboard, which has plenty of power to take you, your family/friends on a great trip for the day.

Half days also possible at 125€ plus fuel. Contact us for availability on half days

Events, stags/hens, and more escapes

We love to escape to the sea for whatever reason! If you want to hire the boat for a birthday event, great. If you want to go fishing, with your own kit, no problem. If you just want to go for a ride with your friends and hire the boat out, just ask. And if you just need a water taxi to take you somewhere, if we are free we will take you! 

And if you want to go to a location we haven't mentioned in our tours, such as Aldán, no problem. Get in touch!

We also do periodic events and camps.

Keep up to date by viewing this page or follow our Instagram or Facebook.

Let's go fishing!

Would you like to go sea fishing?

If you are a complete beginner, no problem. We will show you how to get started. We have enough equipment for groups of up to 4.

If you already have experience, and your own gear,we will take you to some local fishing spots for a whole morning or afternoon..

Half day: 150€ (4.5 hours) plus the cost of fishing license if you don't have one (they only cost 3€ per person). Maximum of 6 people. 

Send us a  message to check availability

Contact Us

Call us, send us a Whatsapp, email us, or complete the form to the right. We love to talk