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Recommended routes

These are some of the most common routes we do, but they are just ideas. If you would like to do something different, just ask! It all depends on the weather and the state of the sea. There are days when it is more advisable to stay close, in the shelter of the estuary, than to go to the open sea. And there are other days when the weather allows us to go out into the ocean and visit the islands without a problem.


Routes with skipper
Whole days:

Experience in the estuaries of Pontevedra and Aldán

We leave the port of Sanxenxo and cross the estuary. We explore the beaches and coves of the Ría de Aldán and Bueu, on the other side of the Ría de Pontevedra. We stop and anchor to take a dip in the coves with green water and fine white sand beaches. We see the mussel beds and the beautiful Galician coast from another perspective.

We can remain in peace, or we put on the radio and you choose the music.

It is possible to eat on board the boats or you can also get off at a marina in Aldán, Bueu, Aguete, Beluso or Combarro. We can recomend great places to eat!

There is also the opportunity to add the donut for children, or, if you fancy it, fishing.

Visits to the Atlantic Islands

In addition to the above, we can offer the opportunity to visit the Atlantic Islands, a nautical natural park in Galicia.

We recommend a visit to the island of Ons, since it is at the mouth of the Pontevedra estuary, and the trip will be shorter and more comfortable, and thus the visit can be combined with an exploration of the estuaries in the afternoon if you have a full day hire.

However, it is also possible to visit the Atlantic Islands of Sálvora or Cíes*

Visits to the Atlantic Islands are regulated by the local government. So if you want to visit them, you should try to book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

*if the weather helps us and the state of the sea allows us. 

Routes with skipper
Half days:

Explore the Pontevedra estuary and around the island of Tambo, anchor on the beaches / coves to take a dip, listen to music on the Bluetooth radio.

There is also the option of stopping to get off at the historic town of Combarro to take a look and have a drink.


Routes for bareboat hire

You choose!

The boat should never be more than 8 miles from the base port (without previous agreement for more experienced skippers). This means that the boat is restricted to navigating within the estuaries of Pontevedra, Aldán, and outside the estuary as far as the island of Ons.


There is much to see in this area of Galicia, from the bays of Bueu and the coves of Aldán, and why not stop for lunch in the beautiful town of Combarro or Aguete?


The boat has permission to navigate in the waters of the Atlantic Islands, but we must request permission to be able to anchor by them and explore the island on foot.


There is a limit to the number of boats allowed to anchor each day in the Atlantic Islands areas and therefore if you wish to visit them you should try to make your booking with us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


We always recommend that you download an app like Boating (by Navionics) to plan a route. This way you will see the dangers that exist in the estuaries (there are lots of rocks near the surface to keep a look out for) and you can better see where you will be, and where you want to navigate (also you can download the app for free for a month.


We can offer advice before you leave on the best destinations and stop-offs!

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